Cast Members
A Man For All Seasons
(Order of Appearance)
Kyle Barrett as The Common Man
Ray Veary as Sir Thomas More
Ian Vincent as Master Richard Rich
Frank Mitchell as The Duke of Norfolk
Cheryl Day as Lady Alice More
Lauren Costa as Lady Margaret More
Bruce Lackey as Cardinal Wolsey
John Softcheck as Thomas Cromwell
Alberto Rizzotti as Signor Chapuys
Leonid Tatara as Chapuys' Attendant
Stephen Norton as William Roper
Mark P. Fuller as King Henry the Eighth
Natalie Cabral as A Woman
Jack Boesen as Thomas Cranmer
Production Crew
A Man For All Seasons
Technical Director ... Lawrence R. Houbre, Jr.
Stage Manager ... Maria G. Dawson
Assistant Stage Manager ... Stephanie LeBlanc
Set Design ... Bob Gillet
Lighting Design ... Lawrence R. Houbre, Jr.
Sound Design ... William C. Smith
Makeup/Hair Styles ... Suzanne J. Houbre
Costumes ... Mark P. Fuller
Costume Construction ... Anne Marie Couto, Cheryl Day, Mark P. Fuller, Georgie Jardin, Jean Snipes
Poster/Flyer Graphics ... mediumstudio
Set Construction ... Jade Beauregard, James Beauregard, Michele DeMary, Mark P. Fuller, Lawrence R. Houbre, Jr., Mark Roy, Dennis J. Smith, Jacquie Vercellone, Peter Vercellone, Margo Wilson-Ruggiero
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A Man For All Seasons

by Robert Bolt; Directed by Bob Gillet
  • May 9-11, 2019, 7:30 PM;
  • May 12, 2019, 2:30 PM;
  • May 16-18, 2019, 7:30 PM;
  • May 19, 2019, 2:30 PM

This tragic historical drama offers a brilliant portrait of Sir Thomas More in his last years as Lord Chancellor of England during the reign of Henry VIII. When Henry fails to obtain papal approval for a divorce from Catherine of Aragon to marry Anne Boleyn, he mandates his subjects to sign an 'Act of Supremacy' making him both spiritual and temporal leader of England. Sir Thomas cannot in good conscience comply. Cromwell, Cardinal Wolsey, his family, and the King himself are all unable to convince More otherwise, as he maintains his integrity and belief in silence. Ultimately accused of high treason, this very silence leads the man to his execution, and later his canonization in 1935.

The Common Man
Sir Thomas More
Master Richard Rich
The Duke of Norfolk
Lady Alice More
Lady Margaret More
Cardinal Wolsey
Thomas Cromwell
Signor Chapuys
William Roper
King Henry the Eighth
Thomas Cranmer

Director's Message

A friend told me she thought “A Man for all Seasons” was both a theatrical experience and a history lesson. I like both good theater and English history so as director I had to find a way to present both.

Robert Bolt has given us his vision of the historical conflict created by Sir Thomas More's refusal to compromise between what he felt was morally right and what Henry VIII (the state) demanded from him. As you listen to the dialogue you may hear echos as today's politicians face their own difficult moral choices.

For the person not particularly interested in history, this theatrical experience might seem a little dry, so it is our job--myself as director and this wonderfully talented cast—to provide our vision of characters that reflect the life and humanity of the characters involved and the intentions of the writer.

I hope you feel we have succeeded.

My grateful thanks to all the actors who have put so much work into this show and to the technical staff that created the light, sound, and the visual aspects for you to enjoy.

- Bob Gillet, Director