Cast Members
Wanda's Visit
(Order of Appearance)
Aaron C. Viera as Jim
Ashley Payne as Marsha
Lydia Johnson as Wanda
Carl Roy as Waiter
Production Crew
Wanda's Visit
Technical Director ... Lawrence R. Houbre, Jr.
Stage Manager ... Caroline Paradis
Set Design ... Mark P. Fuller
Lighting Design ... Lawrence R. Houbre, Jr.
Sound Design ... William C. Smith
Costumes ... Mark P. Fuller
Lighting/Sound Technician ... Lawrence R. Houbre, Jr., William C. Smith
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Wanda's Visit

by Christopher Durang; Directed by Eric R. Paradis
  • Apr 5-7, 2018, 7:30 PM;
  • Apr 8, 2018, 2:30 PM

This is a comic, somewhat realistic play about a married couple, Jim and Marsha, who are a bit restless in their relationship, and who have their lives thrown into disarray by the visit of Wanda, Jim's high school girl friend who has suddenly shown up. Wanda can't stop talking, she flirts inappropriately with the husband, she tells long stories of her past promiscuity and various possibly criminal activities. Marsha's response is to be polite but strained; Jim is kind of flattered by the attention, until he starts to find it all too much too.

This director's workshop production is part of a two-act offering, and pricing includes both acts.