Cast Members
The Trip to Bountiful
(Order of Appearance)
Lucy Bly as Mrs. Carrie Watts
Lee J. Fortier as Ludie Watts
Annie Hart Cool as Jessie Mae Watts
Maureen Bennett as Thelma
Gil Cardona-Erazo as Houston Ticket Man
Elena Murphy as Traveler
Eric R. Paradis as Houston Ticket Man #2
Armand R. Viera as Harrison Ticket Man
Al Vitale as Sheriff
Production Crew
The Trip to Bountiful
Stage Manager ... Elena Murphy
Set Design ... Bob Gillet, Edward J. Maguire
Lighting Design ... Lawrence R. Houbre, Jr.
Sound Design ... William C. Smith
Lighting/Sound Technician ... Lawrence R. Houbre, Jr., William C. Smith
Set Construction ... Lawrence R. Houbre, Jr., Edward J. Maguire, Dennis J. Smith
Stage Crew ... Valerie J. Reynolds
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The Trip to Bountiful

by Horton FooteDirected by Stephen R. Kay
  • Nov 10-13, 2004, 8:00 PM;
  • Nov 14, 2004, 2:30 PM;
  • Nov 17-20, 2004, 8:00 PM

This is the poignant story of an aging widow living with her daughter-in-law in a small flat in Houston TX. Fearing that her presence may be an imposition on others and chafing under the rigid and selfish supervision of her roommate, she imagines that if she can get away and return to her old home in the town of Bountiful, she is sure to regain her strength, dignity and peace of mind. She runs away and completes a lonely pilgrimage to her old home. She soon learns that the friends of her youth are gone and her old home is no longer the mansion of her memories.

Mrs. Carrie Watts
Ludie Watts
Houston Ticket Man
Houston Ticket Man #2