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For Whom the Southern Bell Tolls/Smile

  • May 7-8, 2010, 8:00 PM;
  • May 9, 2010, 3:00 PM

Two one act plays.

For Whom the Southern Bell Tolls One Act Comedy By Christopher Durang Director: Juli Parker

In this parody of THE GLASS MENAGERIE, the fading Southern belle, Amanda, tries to prepare her hyper-sensitive, hypochondriacal son, Lawrence, for "the feminine caller." Terrified of people, Lawrence plays with his collection of glass cocktail stirrers. Ginny, the feminine caller, is hard of hearing and overbearingly friendly. Brother Tom wants to go the movies, where he keeps meeting sailors who need to be put up in his room. Amanda tries to face everything with "charm and vivacity," but sometimes she just wants to hit somebody

Smile One Act Comedy By David Campton Director: Jennifer G. Palmer

Five ladies pose for a group photograph. While they "freeze" for a time exposure, their thoughts wander, raising questions about their past, present and future. Why does Grandmama refuse to face the summer house? How did Mama come to lose her memory? What are her terrible daughters planning? And what does the maid know that the others do not? All is revealed in a comically dramatic climax.