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After Thoughts - Never The Sinner

by Edward J. Maguire
Too often people in the Southcoast area have a tendency to not attend productions presented by local community theatres. I often wonder if this is because they are dis-interested in treating themselves to an evening's entertainment or because they feel that a local company is not capable of offering a professional quality production.
I offer the following after thoughts on YTI's recent, highly acclaimed, production of Never The Sinner, in hopes that it may assure you that a trip to YTI is well worth your consideration besides being an affordable entertainment option.
Please check out the comments received from several members of our audience plus excerpts from articles and reviews The New England Mirror and The Standard Times.
Eric Jaikes: Saw the show Saturday night. Great performances by all!

Bill Gushue: Excellent performances by all involved. Still wondering how you could remember all of those lines delivered on courtroom with such passion.

Bob Gillet: Great show,I enjoyed all your performances. Excellent direction.

Gilberto Cardona-Erazo: Excellent performances.

Louise Coggeshall: Great show!
"Never the Sinner" at Your Theatre - Review by Richard Pacheco (excerpt): The production is sparkled by driven and exciting performances and keen direction. The play by John Logan ("The Last Ship" and Tony Award for "Red" on Broadway) explores a complex and twisted relationship between two young men in search of passion, intellect, and the perfect crime. For complete review, click here!
"Never the Sinner" Standard Times - Review by Lorraine Coniglio Lucciola (excerpt): "I can see sin in all the world. And I may well hate that sin, but never the sinner." - Your Theatre, Inc., once again achieves its characteristic measure of social exploration and dramatic excellence with its latest offering. For complete review click here!

Capital Punishment on Trial in New Bedford - Article by Jack Spillane (excerpt): I had watched Your Theatre's recent production of "Never the Sinner" twice and still felt that I wasn't sure why I was so taken with it. Ed Maguire's New Bedford staging of the John Logan play is all about big themes: crime and punishment, elitism and morality, love and degradation. For complete article please click here!