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Interview with Stephen Kay

by Sandi Martin

Stephen chose Dracula this year because he felt that we have always done comedies, mysteries, and dramas successfully at Your Theatre. So to go along with this year's theme of a "spine-tingling season" he reasoned "why not do something different with audience appeal and try the original gothic horror play version adapted from Bram Stoker's classic novel DRACULA that was presented on Broadway and brought Bela Lagosi to the attention of American audiences making him famous with the later movie version." After working with his concept of this show with the production staff, he believes that we will be offering our audience an exciting evening with flying bats, misty entrances, and a blood thirsty vampire.

He believes the costumes, make-up, and the set contribute to the audience experience in many and varied ways. When he selected the show he decided to try to do it in the Edward Gorey color style of blacks, grey, and white to give it the look of a black and white movie film of the 20's and 30's. As such the costumes, set, and accessories will almost all be carried out in these color schemes. He said the cast has been working hard on the challenge of the different dialects among the characters in the play. In Dracula he did not want a copy of the Ligosi version but tried to give him a somewhat continental flavor. Van Helsing uses a modified German dialect. As the play takes place in England, the other characters are trying to use a traditional British accent while the attendant uses a cockney accent. They are also working hard to get the lighting and special effects that involve a flying bat and the misty fog to work to add to the drama of the scenes. To heighten the impact of some of the scenes the sound technician has been scouring our sound library to find just the right music to carry that important moment that takes place.

When asked what he hopes the audience will take away from this show his feeling is that everyone likes to be scared or frightened once in awhile as evidenced by the popularity of the current fare on TV and in movies with ghosts, vampires, zombies, and supernatural visitations. In books these creatures take the written form through the novels of Stephen King. Why else do we get so much pleasure in seeing children and adults as these costumed creatures at Halloween? His hope is that the audience will take a little jolt of a scare with the ultimate hope that if creatures such as vampires do exist, good will always triumph over evil.