Seating Information
Thu, Jan 10, 7:30pm 95 seats available
Fri, Jan 11, 7:30pm 82 seats available
Sat, Jan 12, 7:30pm 88 seats available
Sun, Jan 13, 2:30pm 82 seats available
Thu, Jan 17, 7:30pm 88 seats available
Fri, Jan 18, 7:30pm 90 seats available
Sat, Jan 19, 7:30pm 93 seats available
Sun, Jan 20, 2:30pm 83 seats available
All seats are reserved. Please call to make a reservation: 508-993-0772
Cast Members
(Order of Appearance)
Megan McCaughey as Myrtle Mae Simmons
Susan Wing Markson as Veta Louise Simmons
Lawrence R. Houbre, Jr. as Elwood P. Dowd
Mellanie Crowther as Miss Johnson
Susan B. Sullivan as Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet
Camerin Bennett as Ruth Kelly, R.N.
Bob Goodwin as Duane Wilson
Peter Ashworth as Lyman Sanderson, M.D.
Stephen R. Kay as William R. Chumley, M.D.
Suzie Kokkins as Betty Chumley
Al Vitale as Judge Omar Gaffney
Dennis J. Smith as E. J. Lofgren
Production Crew
Technical Director ... Lawrence R. Houbre, Jr.
Stage Manager ... Mellanie Crowther
Set Design ... Lawrence R. Houbre, Jr.
Lighting Design ... Lawrence R. Houbre, Jr.
Makeup/Hair Styles ... Suzanne J. Houbre
Costumes ... Mark P. Fuller
Poster/Flyer Graphics ... mediumstudio
Lighting/Sound Technician ... William C. Smith
Set Construction ... Lee Bonia, Michele DeMary, Mark P. Fuller, Lawrence R. Houbre, Jr., Eric R. Paradis, Jacquie Vercellone, Peter Vercellone
Set Dressing ... Mark P. Fuller
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by Mary Chase; Directed by Suzanne J. Houbre
  • Jan 10-12, 2019, 7:30 PM;
  • Jan 13, 2019, 2:30 PM;
  • Jan 17-19, 2019, 7:30 PM;
  • Jan 20, 2019, 2:30 PM

Elwood P. Dowd insists on including his friend Harvey in all of his sister Veta's social gatherings. Trouble is, Harvey is believed to be an imaginary six-and-a-half-foot-tall rabbit. To avoid future embarrassment for her family and especially for her daughter, Myrtle Mae, Veta decides to have Elwood committed to a sanitarium. At the sanitarium, a frantic Veta explains to the staff that her years of living with Elwood's hallucination have caused her to see Harvey also, and so the doctors mistakenly commit her instead of her mild-mannered brother.

The truth comes out, Veta is freed, and the search is on for Elwood, who eventually arrives at the sanitarium of his own volition, looking for Harvey. But it seems that Elwood and his invisible companion have had a strange influence on more than one of the doctors. Only at the end does Veta realize that maybe Harvey isn't so bad after all.