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Improv Teaser - January

  • Jan 12, 2019, 8:00 PM

Have you ever wanted to try improvisational acting - which is acting with NO script where everything is created on the spot? (If you've seen 'Whose Line Is It Anyways?' that's exactly what it is!) If so, come join us for a one hour workshop at the Your Theatre Playhouse for only $5! During the workshop, you'll learn some of the basics of creating fun and exciting improvised scenes. And, if you enjoy the workshop, you can sign up for a full introductory improv course which starts in January!

Come learn a little bit about Improv, on January 12, 1pm-3pm, in this short teaser workshop with James Sanguinetti. This pre-introductory workshop will touch upon several of the techniques and skills used in performing improvisation.

Admission is $5, but if you decide to take the full class, the fee is credited towards the class fee. Call TODAY to reserve your seat!

James has been performing improv for over eight years, several with Improv Asylum and Funny Please, as well as teaching courses in the South Coast area.