Your Theatre, Inc.
California Suite
by Neil Simon
DirectorRobin Richard
Cast in order of appearance
Hannah WarrenSusan Wing Markson
William WarrenWade Martin
Marvin MichaelsTony Oliva
BunnyStephanie Paquette
Millie MichaelsCheryl Day
Sidney NicholsLee Bonia
Diana NicholsCarol Oliva
Ben HollenderDaniel Gabriel Sallom
Mark HollenderMichael Mirpourian
Trudi FranklinStephanie Paquette
Steve FranklinGil Cardona-Erazo
All the action takes play in rooms 203 and 204 in the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Scene 1: Visitor from New York
About one in the afternoon on a sunny, warm day in late Fall.
Scene 2: Visitor from Philadelphia
Eleven in the morning, mid-December.
Scene 1: Visitors from London
About five in the afternoon, early April.
Scene 2: About two o'clock in the morning.
Scene 3: Visitors from Chicago
Four in the afternoon, Sunday July Fourth.
Production Crew
Stage ManagerTraci Antil
Set DesignMark P. Fuller
Lighting DesignLawrence R. Houbre, Jr.
Sound DesignWilliam C. Smith
Makeup/Hair StylesStephanie Paquette
CostumesMark P. Fuller
Poster/Flyer Graphicsmediumstudio
Lighting/Sound TechnicianLawrence R. Houbre, Jr., Suzanne Kowal, William C. Smith
Set ConstructionRay Bedard, Lee Bonia, Amanda DeGrace, Michele DeMary, Mark P. Fuller
Lawrence R. Houbre, Jr., Dennis J. Smith
Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French.
Special thanks to Pine Grove Cleaners.
There will be a 15 minute intermission between Acts One and Two.
You are invited to meet the cast and crew in the lobby after the performance.
Proud sponsor of the YTI 70th (2016-2017) season
September 2016