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Head shot image of Valerie J. Reynolds
Information about:Valerie J. Reynolds
also known as:Valerie Reynolds
Past shows include: AND THEN THERE WERE NONE (Mrs. Rogers), FUDDY MEERS (Gertie), THE HALLELUJAH GIRLS (Mavis Flowers), THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA (Judith Fellowes), A DOLL'S HOUSE (Helene), HOT L BALTIMORE (Mrs. Bellotti) and BLACK COFFEE (Miss Treadwell). She has also stage managed at YTI for: DRACULA, HENRY FLAMETHROWA, and THE WHALES OF AUGUST.
Shows (as Valerie J. Reynolds):
Crew-Stage Manager
Crew-Stage Manager
Crew-Stage Manager
Crew-Stage Manager
Cast-Mrs. Dull; Crew-Stage Manager
Crew-Assistant Stage Manager
Cast-Mrs. Hedges
Cast-Mrs. Rogers
Crew-Stage Manager
Crew-Assistant Stage Manager
Cast-Mavis Flowers
Crew-Stage Manager
Cast-Miss Judith Fellowes
Cast-Helene (The Maid)
Crew-Lighting/Sound Technician
Cast-Mrs. Bellotti
Crew-Stage Crew
Crew-Stage Manager
Shows (as Valerie Reynolds):
Cast-Mrs. Treadwell
Images (as Valerie J. Reynolds):