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Head shot image of Stephanie LeBlanc
Information about:Stephanie LeBlanc
also known as:Stephanie Paquette
Previous roles on the YTI stage include KINDERTRANSPORT (Faith), PARFUMERIE (Fritz Ritter, Ilone Ritter), ANASTASIA (Anna), WHAT THE BUTLER SAW (Geraldine Barclay), and NEVER THE SINNER (Reporter #2, Germaine, Dr. White). She has also been seen in GRUESOME PLAYGROUND INJURIES (Kayleen) with The Glass Horse Project, and in TOM FOOLERY (Milton and Betty) with The Collective. Stephanie's recently produced her directorial workshop production at YTI.
Shows (as Stephanie LeBlanc):
Cast-Phillipa Haymes
Crew-Director; Crew-Set Design
Crew-Assistant Stage Manager
Crew-Assistant Stage Manager
Cast-Fritz Ritter; Cast-Ilona "Mitzy" Ritter
Crew-Stage Crew
Shows (as Stephanie Paquette):
Crew-Stage Manager
Cast-Geraldine Barclay
Cast-Reporter #2; Germaine; Dr. White
Cast-Bunny; Cast-Trudi Franklin; Crew-Makeup/Hair Styles
Crew-Assistant Stage Manager
Cast-The Pig Woman/Beast Folk
Images (as Stephanie Paquette):