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Auditions for Other Desert Cities

Sep 15, 2014 - Sep 26, 2014
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New Bedford --- Director Robin Richard will audition actors on Thursday, September 25, at 7:00PM at the wheelchair accessible Your Theatre, Inc. at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, 136 Rivet St., New Bedford. Parking and entrance located at rear of church off County St.

Richard will be casting all roles. Auditions will consist of a cold reading from the script. 


Brooke: The protagonist and largest role. Mid 30’s. She is a writer who lives on the East Coast and is visiting her family in the California desert for the Christmas holiday. She has some tough news to break to them: she has written a tell-all book about her family and some of their personal tragedies. 

Trip: Brooke’s younger brother. Early 20’s-early 30’s.  He is quick, bright, clever, and funny. He supports his sister whenever he can. He often lightens the tense mood throughout the play, but he can be serious when he needs to be.

Polly:  Mother of Brooke and Trip. 50’s-early 60’s. Elegant, smart, sassy. A Republican-Conservative mainstay. She is mortified when Brooke reveals her intentions.

Lyman: Polly’s husband and the father of Trip and Brooke. 50's-early 60’s. Former actor turned Republican fund-raiser. Very Conservative but protective of his more Liberal children. Stalwart, smart, and quick. He is hurt when Brooke tells him about the book.

Silda: Polly’s acerbic sister. 60’s or older. A bitter alcoholic who craves booze and pot. Very bitchy, and funny at times. Has some of the funnier laugh lines in what is otherwise a serious play. She and her sister used to write a comedy TV program together “in the day” and Polly feels obliged to look after her in her “condition.” 

The play follows Brooke Wyeth who returns home to Palm Springs after a six-year absence to celebrate Christmas with her parents, her brother, and her aunt. Brooke announces that she is about to publish a memoire dredging up a pivotal and tragic event in the family’s history – a wound they don’t want reopened. In effect, she draws a line in the sand and dares them all to cross it.

The performance dates are March 19, 20, 21 & 26, 27, 28, 2015 at 8:00PM and March 22 & 29, 2015 at 2:30PM.  Actors must be available for all performances.

Further information about the audition is available by calling Your Theatre, Inc. at 508-993-0772, or by sending e-mail to The theatre’s web site is

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