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YTI Holds Second Audition for Musical

May 29, 2008 - Jun 9, 2008
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NEW BEDFORD, MA -- A second round of auditions for Your Theatre, Inc.'s production of the musical play Philemon with book and lyrics by Tom Jones and music by Harvey Schmidt, scheduled to be staged September 17-27, will be held Thursday, June 9. Anyone interested in attending, regardless of ethnic, cultural or social background, should arrive at The Playhouse 136 Rivet St. (corner of County St.), New Bedford, at 7:30 PM.

This is a musical audition and those attending should be ready to sing! A prepared piece is not required. All characters in the play will be required to sing.

The YTI production of Philemon will be under the overall direction of Lawrence R. Houbre, Jr. with Bonnie Brault as musical director.

The musical takes place in the third-century Roman Empire, where Cockian, a clown, finds himself face-to-face with a rigid Commander who feels Cockian should be sent to his death. But because the Commander likes him, Cockian is granted life on one condition: that he impersonate a missing Christian leader, Philemon, to enable the Roman Empire to catch and execute more Christians. With no choice, Cockian does the Commander's bidding, but in doing so begins to feel for the persecuted. Cockian "becomes" Philemon, overflowing with love and the hope for a more humane world, thus earning his redemption and more.

The play requires the casting of the following roles: Cockian - A clown, not a young man, 40-50, off-beat, comic, good heart; Marcus - 35-50, Commander of the Roman garrison, sharp, worldly, bemused yet fanatical; Servillius - 25-35, A sergeant, rough, terse, obedient, adjutant to the Commander; Andos - 18, prisoner, likable, promising, a young convert to Christianity; Kiki - 35-50, Female clown, buxom, sexy, insecure; Maryas - 40-50, Cockian's deceased wife, beautiful. Vocal Range: Soprano; Woman - 20-35, Dignified, deep faith, strong-souled, wife of the underground leader.

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