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Audition June 4 for Lizzie Borden Play

May 28, 2009 - Jun 4, 2009
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NEW BEDFORD, MA -- Auditions for Your Theatre, Inc.’s production of the suspense filled drama Blood Relations by Sharon Pollock will be held Thursday, June 4th. Anyone interested in auditioning should arrive at The Playhouse 136 Rivet St. (corner of County St.), New Bedford, at 7:30 PM.

The production, scheduled to be staged November 12-22, is being directed by Stephen R. Kay of Swansea. The play focuses on an imaginary incident that takes place between Lizzie Borden and her actress “friend” from Boston ten years after Lizzie’s acquittal of the Fall River Borden axe murders. While entertaining her, the conversation leads to the guilt or innocence of Lizzie. Lizzie suggests they play a game where the actress portrays Lizzie and Lizzie will play the part of Bridget the maid.

The play then moves back in time ten years, before the murders, reliving the historical events with the rest of the characters. Lizzie coaches the actress helping her understand her actions and thoughts, and desires. This is a play filled with suspense and will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end when the two main characters go back to their original roles to try to answer the question for the final time; “Did you do it Lizzie, did you?”

The play requires a cast of four women and four men. The roles to be cast are: Lizzie Borden: (30 – 45) who, when she assumes the role of Bridget the maid she must be able to speak with an Irish dialect; The Actress (25-45) her “friend” from Boston who assumes the role of Lizzie; Emma Borden (40-55 ) Lizzie’s older sister; Abigail Borden (50-65) Lizzie’s stepmother and second wife of Andrew Borden: a heavy set women; Andrew Borden (55-70) Lizzie’s stern and frugal father; Harry Wingate (35-60) Abigail Borden’s brother who flirts with Bridget; Dr. Patrick (30-45) Irish doctor and the Defense (25-65) a lawyer who questions Lizzie.

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