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Auditions Scheduled for Sequel

Jun 26, 2009 - Jul 14, 2009
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Monday July 13 & Tuesday July 14th Doors open at 7:30 PM Auditions at 8:00 PM

“Sequel” World Premiere of a play by David Kucher

Director Edward J. Maguire

Play will run April 8 - April 18, 2010 Rehearsals to begin mid-February

Casting 4 roles: 1 Women 3 Men SYNOPSIS: Joe Lyman wants to be a successful, famous writer or actor or director … or reality television star. He doesn’t really care; AS LONG AS HE’S FAMOUS. And he uses words to manipulate himself, his characters, and the world around him. Joe’s problem: he can’t write. He’s tried everything: Derivative, Remake, Original, Intellectual. And nothing hits. Then he gets a great idea: Joe asks his girlfriend, Harlequin “Harry” Anderson, successful expose journalist for The Underground, to write with him. Reluctant at first, Harry agrees out of love for Joe. Harry and Joe pitch their first script to producer contacts Thom Thompson and Kyle Bix. Thom and Kyle pass. And in a moment of either unplanned exasperation or engineered genius, Joe pitches a great big fat lie to Thom and Kyle: the sequel to the highest grossing foreign film of all time, Palegas. Seeing greenbacks, Thom and Kyle give the green light. But the light changes to yellow very, very quickly: • Harry hates being involved in a lie, despite her love for Joe. • Kyle forces Joe to hire his mother as the lead actress. • Harry demands Joe take full responsibility if or when the truth comes out. • Joe gets involved with drugs to “stay alert and ahead”. • Once he learns the truth, Thom makes Joe rescind his percentage as writer and director. • Once the truth is leaked to the press, Harry loses her job as a journalist … and Joe is unsympathetic. On the night of the movie premier, Joe gets into the limousine with the rest of the crew. He’s somewhat wasted. Instead of being humble and excited, Joe proudly tells them all off. He calls Harry a no-talent scavenger. He dismisses Kyle’s offer for an exclusive contract. He shirks off Thom’s wise words. And then Joe passes out and spends the most important night of his life alone, unconscious, in the backseat of a limo. One year after premier night, after a stint in rehab, Joe attempts to make amends with Harry. He learns that Thom and Kyle have split. He discovers that Harry and Kyle work as documentary filmmakers. Joe admits the error of his ways to Harry. He asks for a second chance. The ever-wary Harry offers Joe far less than a second chance … but they agree to get a cup of coffee.

Characters: Joe Lyman Male - 39-years-old. A failed screen writer compulsive desire for success and fame Harlequin “Harry” Anderson Female - Mid-30s. Attractive, successful , expose' journalist Thom Thompson Male - 45-ish. Hard-nosed gay Hollywood producer Kyle Bix Male - 30-ish. Somewhat flamboyant Hollywood director and Thom Thompson's lover.

Audition will be cold reading from script. For further information contact Ed Maguire 508 993 0772 or

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