Theatrical Improv Workshop - February 2018
Playwright's Original Works Service
A Subsidiary of Your Theatre, Inc.

PURPOSE: To encourage and nurture talented playwrights in the development of new plays by creating a supportive environment that empowers them to guide their own process and discover a play off the page.

MISSION: To provide a creative venue where talented playwrights can develop their work in a collaborative effort with creative teams comprised of directors, actors, dramaturges, and audiences focusing on the evolution of the text and playwright's vision.

TABLE READING: Playwrights' Original Works Service will arrange for the table reading of all original scripts submitted for that purpose. The only requirements for submission are that: A. Manuscripts are typed in a standard acceptable format. B. The playwright supplies one script for each character in the play. All scripts will be returned to the playwright at the completion of the reading.

Upon receipt of a request for a table reading (which must be accompanied by one copy of the script), the chairperson of the Playwrights' Original Works Service will arrange with YTI's artistic staff for a reading date and advise the playwright of that date. The playwright will at that time be advised as to when ample scripts for each reader will be needed (suggest one week prior to reading).

STAGED READING: Playwrights may request of the Literary Committee that a script submitted by them be considered for a staged reading open to the public. The Literary Committee will request of YTI's artistic director that an artistic team be chosen and a schedule set for a staged reading of plays they judge to be structurally cohesive and thematically developed. The reading will be directed, cast, and staffed by personnel chosen by YTI's artistic staff.

FULLY MOUNTED PRODUCTION: Playwrights may request of the Literary Committee that their scripts be considered for a fully mounted production. Selected plays will be mounted with full production values and receive three or more performances. The Literary Committee will forward to YTI's artistic director, for consideration by the artistic staff, those plays it considers worthy of a fully mounted production. All new plays should have had a staged reading before being considered for a fully mounted production, unless the Literary Committee or YTI's artistic director waive this requirement.


Table Reading: All original scripts submitted by playwright.

Staged Reading: The Literary Committee shall determine Eligibility after reading a playwright's script submitted to them for that purpose.

Fully Mounted Production: The Literary Committee may recommend any play that has had a staged reading for consideration by the artistic director of YTI as a possibility for a fully mounted production. The final decision to mount the production will be the decision of the artistic director and his staff with final approval by YTI's Board of Governors. Either the Literary Committee or YTI's artistic director may waive the staged reading requirement.

Script Submission Requirements
  1. The script must be typed in standard manuscript format and securely bound.
  2. A brief synopsis of the play, including a character breakdown, must be included.
  3. A one-page resume of the playwright must accompany the script.
  4. Self-addressed, stamped envelopes must accompany requests that scripts be returned.
  5. A self-addressed, stamped postcard must be supplied with any request for receipt acknowledgement.
  6. Submissions should be mailed or delivered to:
    Playwrights' Original Works Service
    c/o Your Theatre, Inc.
    136 Rivet Street
    New Bedford, MA 02744-1814
    or a PDF may be emailed to:
Additional Notes
  • Plays may be one-act or full length.
  • Musicals and musical revues are not eligible.
  • Scripts having received professional or nonprofessional production are not eligible.
  • Scripts having previously received table or staged readings are eligible.
  • All submissions will be considered for table or staged readings or full production.
  • Technical facilities are limited; so extravaganzas with hundreds of characters and multiple, intricate settings may be beyond the service's reach.
  • We are looking for well-crafted plays capable of capturing and holding an audience's attention.
  • Our first and ultimate focus is the nurturing of new and upcoming playwrights in the development and presentation of new plays.
  • We will be working, at least initially, with SouthCoast playwrights, since play development progresses best when the writer is an active participant in the process.

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